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Logistic information

 BlueJeans calling instructions:
   Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
   International toll number:         706 189 845
   PARTICIPANT CODE:                  https://bluejeans.com/706189845

Agenda / Minutes

  1. Adam measured dose on 6" radius cut between target and collimator. elog:3552
    • Dose about 1.6MGray on inner 1mm.
    • He will run Al and steel covers, and larger radius cut out.
  2. Victoria doesn't reproduce Adam's result on heating on collimator box flange.
    • She finds about 30 W (compared to about 70 W from Adam).
  3. Then talked about BMW
    • Are EPICS libraries on the vxWorks boards functioning? Can we expect them to work? (Victoria will check into this)
    • Walked through analysis steps, after having a beam modulation tree to work with.
    • Creation of slopes involves
      • correcting for "phase return"
      • fitting cycles (perhaps after averaging)
      • accumulating a full set of cycle correlation fits to create slopes (supercycle)
      • calculating correction slopes
      • outputting correlations and slopes from supercycle in tree, and or text file
    • The correction slopes we use will probably be averaged over some time period.
    • The quality of correction slopes can be checked using "residuals" of the modulation in the modulation data
    • Averaged corrections slopes will be applied in the analysis (post prompt? Perhaps by WAC?) using a macro to look up slopes and make correction
      • perhaps a macro would be made to provide an "alias" word for the corrected value for interactive use