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Logistic information

 BlueJeans calling instructions:
 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 International toll number:         408-740-7256
 Bluejeans CODE:                  684 884 269
 Bluejeans link: https://bluejeans.com/684884269

github repository: JAPAN


  1. online plots
    • no update
  2. regression analysis
    • no update
  3. et_bridge and deadtime
    • CC: looked at trying to use the java gui to look at dead time.
  4. DAQ issues
    • YT: For the test stand we setup the server port and got some CODA signal. We’ll continue to work on it.
  5. VQWK adcs
    • CC: seems like a small component is broken and Chris is working to replace it.
  6. Other issues
    • KP: What is the status for feedback for pan with blocks and et-server??! KP: by 17-19th we should have a test DAQ and analysis with new system
    • YT: the bmw (beam modulation) words/root output needs to be put into the analysis software. KP: this has to be taken up by the beam modulation group (Ye, Victoria, Kent). PK: you can use the old(Qweak) modulation system as a starting point.


Paul K, Ye Tian, Kent P, Cameron C, Ciprian G, Sakib Rahman,