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Logistic information

Meeting room at JLab: CH Conference room (on the accelerator side).

 BlueJeans calling instructions:
 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 International toll number:         408-740-7256
 Bluejeans CODE:                  385 600 867
 Bluejeans link: https://bluejeans.com/385600867


Analyzer code updates

  1. Recent branch activity & pull requests
    • Adding a "grid" option to panguin
    • PR#224: burst regression
      • This is ready for merging.
      • The thing which is missing is regressing the burst quantities by their individual slopes
      • The blueReg file has both the full run and miniruns; which gets picked up on second pass needs work.
        • A possible solution would be to make two copies of teh blueR file, one for the full run and one for the bursts
    • Operations to develop
    • Remake master and then operations?
      • Tuning of burp cuts
      • Activating miniruns?
  2. Feedback
    • Status of outputing to the new EPICS variables
      • Now seems to be working; will likely update the "official" feedback engine later today.
        • Before making this the official version, due a long term test with the new version. ~shift?
  3. New feature plans
    • Continuing development of minirun functionality
    • Data-handlers which can process results from other data-handlers
      • Quinn was working on setting this up. He has a version which he'll be testing today.
    • Recheck the separator for the event cuts files: should be commas: Robert
    • BMW first pass extractor
      • Hooks are in place for an event-level data handler.
      • Develop a general-purpose data extractor (selector): it just requests either specific variables or looks at the ErrorFlag and writes to a tree based on the values. Can be used for beammod, or other things we haven't thought of yet
      • Wouter was going to set up a prototype, then hand it off to Cameron.
    • Change of internal and rootfile base of asymmetry/differences?
      • Still deferred as an issue
    • Issue #207: Cameron will follow up
      • This is the event cut error flag as used in the datahandler; Wouter will add an additional comment to teh bug report
    • Reported_helicity is now in all the crates; need error checking
      • Paul will start to this about how to add the checks in the engine.
      • Yufan will work on adding the checks to shift crew panguin screen
      • Bob also suggests displaying any helicity sequence errors
    • Automatic checking of the sync scalers, and flagging events as an error if the sync fails
      • Wouter do we need to do this, or can we just use panguin? Devi will set up a panguin macro and will survey the runs from the past few days to see when we had a sync mismatch, and how many runs had a sync failure in the middle.
      • Bob asks about getting the sync check onto the alarm handler

Hardware/DAQ tasklist

  1. Synchronization-check system. w/help from Ed Jastrzembski
    • New digital system is available basically now; when to install?
    • The new board will be somewhat redundant to the sync check we have now
    • Bob also points out that the TS is now in ROC lock mode, and we we're earlier, and this should help
    • We will put it into the system if we have an extended down
  2. Alarms
    • Issues in parity alarm handler?
      • Sync-loss warning
    • "End-of-run" voice would be tied to coda transitions
      • Cameron will set up an alarm for about an hour after a run starts, to remind the crew to start a new one
  3. Document everything. Circuit diagrams, cable map, "how to".
    • CC: timing diagrams need to be updated for the free clock modes.

Prompt analysis toolchain

  • The engine is run twice, and then several scripts are run to produce plots
  • Plots got to a web directory
  • What tools are we missing for the WAC?
    • Autoprompt and the "prompt from list" are working fine so far
    • WAC should be using the RCDB commenting tools to store the state of the runs: Adding comments to the RCDB
      • The "sort" routine is now being run every 15 minutes to update the webpage

Other issues

  • Wouter has found a difference between the subblock correlations and the hw_sum correlations at up to 10-sigma level. Subblock slopes are all lower than the hw_sum slope; this can also be seen by plotting correlations between variables in the mul tree. See comment in HALOG entry 3699374. Disagreements between the blocks and the hw_sum can all be the same sign, instead of being scattered both positive and negative.
    • In the mul tree, he found yields of the BPM hw_sum compared to the sum of the sublocks shows non-zero results.... Actually, this was a plotting error, as one needs to divide the sum of the subblocks by four to compare to the HW sum (all of the quantities are normalized to the number of samples in that measurement).
    • Wouter will try using the phasemonitor to see if the subblocks are picking up different 60Hz contributions
    • Any follow up on this?
  • Bob asks if we have a "physics discussion" meeting (no), and if not should we (yes). I'll discuss with him, Cip, and Kent to think about scheduling.


Paul K., Devi, Quinn, Yufan

Phone: Wouter, Robert R., Bob M., Ye Tian