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Logistic information

Meeting room at JLab: CC F226

 BlueJeans calling instructions:
 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 International toll number:         408-740-7256
 Bluejeans CODE:                  385 600 867
 Bluejeans link: https://bluejeans.com/385600867

This meeting immediately preceeds the JAPAN meeting, and uses the same room and BlueJeans reservations.


  1. PREX-2 runlist spreadsheet: [1] Github repo
    • PK: runlist is complete. We still need to validate the cuts.
    • PK: We still need to reset BCM cuts and the "blessed" dithering slopes and we need to put them into the respin. KP: we should document the decision making into making the cuts and the dithering slopes; we need to follow up soon so that we know we are doing the respin with a sensible set.
    • Run list: TY: we still have 30 slugs that are labeled with "NeedsCut" CG: we set the deadline for the WACs for next Monday to have everything fixed.
    • Paul should set up a set of scripts to be able to analyze PREX-2 runs on the adaq cluster, now that the data directory has changed.
  2. Tao : additional combined plots looking at statistical self-consistency Git-repo
    • TY: will put pitt suggestions on haplog before proceeding with the analysis to wait for comments.
    • TY: integrated the single arm running into our statistics tables.
  3. Weibin and Tao: table of cuts. [2]
    • (slide 5) KP: we should investigate the overlap between different BCMs (if they are). PK: everything we care about (that would be used for regression) should be global.
    • (slide 7) CC: the 10k lower limit was because the wire was messed up. It was still able to calculate position differences (?? needs investigation).
    • (slide 8-10) CP: maybe it was due to radiation damage. PK: there may some tuning of these for beam the excursions. CC: we repeated cuts when we had similar situations. PK: we should maybe move the upper and lower limits to +/- 10. CG: Leave these for respin2 where we'll start from scratch with the cut files.
    • (slide 14) CG: you need to find why certain runs have different values. WZ: will do.
  4. Robert: pedestals
    • RR: looking at significant differences during the run to see which set of pedestals are better to use.
  5. Victoria: beam modulation (raw data quality, residuals)
    • CG: will follow-up with Victoria to make sure we document the decision making process.
  6. Devi: blinded tubes
    • CG: will check in with Devi next week.
  7. Devika BCM DDs:
    • DP: working on BCM double differences. We added 4 combined BCMs. The 2:1 weighted average for analog BCMs seems to produce the best resolution for most of the run. The first part of the run looks like the dg_ds is the best. DP: will upload slides to haplog with more explanation.
    • CP: the agg_DD has a factor of sqrt(2) in there? CC: it's defined as half as the sum of the analogs + the digital and divide that by two.
  8. (Cameron?): analog BCM consistency during periods of oscillation
    • CC: will work with Devika to look at this.
  9. Overloaded regression (Tao?)
    • TY: update working on farm. Will need to work with Robert to make sure output is sensible.
  10. Multiplet plots:
    • CG: postponed for next week
  11. stripline and cavity and complementary bpm resolution and performance.
    • CG: needs owner.
  12. Regression analysis for CREX:
    • CC: updated the analysis chain to accept input parameter file so that we can easily look at SAMs. CG: please check with PREX2 data in prep for CREX.


Ryan R, Weibin Z, Tao Y, Jinlog Z, Yufan C, Sanghwa P, Sakib R, Robert R, Paul K, Ciprian G, Kent P, Devi A, Devaki P, Caryn P, Cameron C, Adam Z,