20200722-Eigen dithering

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  • Update from Tao Y
  • To-do-list
  1. average the e-vectors… can we find some general e-vectors… This would be a better way of comparing to HCBA over the run…. (Tao)
  2. linearity (can be done with dithering data?). Ye.
    • monitors?
    • detectors?
  3. dither slope residuals (systematic? Precision?) - Tao.
  4. DD, US_AVG, Pitt vs slug noise…
  5. E-vector slope comparison (width?) vs slug, then compare to HC delta-X’s in those slugs (errors in slopes vs Delta X’s to help bound errors, in principle a short period with bad slopes could be a problem, we could tie down these unusual situations.)
  6. Averaging bpm differences
    • perhaps averaged over ranked e-vectors?
    • force periods of fixed e-vectors


KK, Kent P, Paul S, Tao Y, Ye T, Victoria O