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Logistic information

Meeting room at JLab: REMOTE ONLY

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  1. Tao: detector double differences HAPLOG 4189
    • KP: the eigenvectors are uncorrelated to each others.
    • PS: are these eigenvector normalized? TY: Yes. PS: so it is Ortho-normal.
    • KP: a few things we learn from this
      • lousy chi-square in comparison between lagrange all vs regression all
      • For truncated lagrange all comparison: delta A gives better chi-square compared to that in quadrature difference.
      • 5-BPM regression is different from others at a few ppb levels
    • KP: we also need comparison weighted by each own statistical errors.
    • KK: we need to think about how to constraint position systematic error from double difference.
    • KK: We need to cross-check double-difference with grand averaged Q-square left-right differences.


Tao Y, Kent P, Adam Z, Ciprian G, David A, Ezekiel W, Jim N, Paul S, Quinn C, Ryan R, Siyu J, Silviu CD, Ye T, Robert R, Victoria O, Caryn P, Eric K, Cameron C, Amali P, Weibin Z, Dustin M, Paul K, Devika B, Sanghwa P, Chandan C, KK, Sakib R, Irish H, Juliette M