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Logistic information

 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 PARTICIPANT CODE:                  # 585 129 220
 Room IRL:                            <none>


Please post slides in haplog or docdb, before the meeting


I think the bluejeans link does not work (KP screwed up the bluejeans code. Fixed now, will be updated for next week)


  1. (not discussed) Bob compared Hanjie’s acceptance function vs the hamc acceptance function. They looked similar. One thing - a 3 mrad shift. I think this is because of a self-consistent calibration in the MC, but Bob should look through and see that it makes sense. haplog:4227
  2. (not discussed) similarly, Bob compared Q2 distributions between g4mc and hamc haplog:4229
  3. Discussed (haplog:4233): Cip had plots of the g4 beam generator for radiative and ionization losses as a function of depth into target
  4. (not discussed here, not logged) Ryan had plots of ionization and radiative losses showing that ionization (and ionization distribution width) dominated over radiation before the interaction vertex.
  5. (Discussed, not logged) Hanjie had plots of dp for right arm comparing g4mc and data, for Carbon, Pb, and Ca40.
  6. (discussed, not logged) Siyu had plots of unrastered C12 data showing a dp distribution that looks… pretty good. How different than raster still to be discussed (see ryan’s log entry). Also, why does g4mc find a _narrower_ distribution for data with a giant raster?
  7. (discussed, now logged) Ryan has a look at raster vs unrastered data for C0.2% and C1% data. There are some weird features here (one run a large rise in radiative tail at around dp=2%. Another shows a much larger radiative tail for rastered vs unrastered. Also, central dp of elastic peak (and maybe width/shape also) doesn’t match left to right? Maybe some double check is needed? maybe there is some trigger effect?) haplog:4231

To-do list (my first laundry list of things we want to see, or see more clearly). This is not complete, please edit it or add to it as needed.

  1. Data left/ right hrs. dp? Angle? (Ryan?)
  2. data vs. MC comparison
    1. Raster vs unrastered, data vs. MC, Carbon (Ryan, siyu?)
      • dp
      • phi
      • fp distributions?
      • y_targ? (is this available forMC, or is “z_target” data variable available to mimic it?)
    2. 12C/Pb (Ryan, Hanjie?)
      • dp
      • phi
      • fp distributions
  3. Data left / right hrs. dp distribution. Phi distributions. (Ryan?)
  4. PREX-I dp distribution vs PREX-2
  5. Residuals for “bullseye” optics data?
    1. dp
    2. phi
  6. Landau distribution for ionization energy spread? (Dead reckoning, or G4 fit for parameters?) (Hanjie). (Unclear priority, since it seems this doesn't seem to be the dominant problem… but probably should be done.)

In progress:

  1. Siyu is re-optimizing data base using beam positions that scan the spread of the raster. (optics “bullseye”).