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Logistic information

 Time: 3-4pm EST
 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 PARTICIPANT CODE:                  # 983 216 220
 Room IRL:                            <none>


  1. Siyu: status of optics DB optimization haplog:4441
  2. Hanjie: PREX-2 acceptance function check haplog:4439


  1. Siyu showed progress on the optimization - the fact that the central hole is not aligned to the HRS central ray introduces an effective deviation in the definition of the focal plane variables. Correcting y_fp and phi_fp for this is an important first step. Results of the optimization after this correction are not good, but this could be due to over or under fitting and requires some tweaking to the fit procedure or parameters used.
  2. Hanjie found a result about 2% below the average A_pv that Chuck reports when using our acceptance function. We should check this definition as well. Perhaps someone made an off-by-one error in a loop (if so seems surprisingly large, we could test this numerically in any case) , or maybe something more conceptual is going on. Cip will try to get a cross-check and then get back to Chuck to get more information.


Bob, Hanjie, Siyu, Chandan, Ryan, Nilanga, Sanghwa, Cip, Kent and maybe some others I may have missed.