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Logistic information

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 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 International toll number:         408-740-7256
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Figure 1 - Summary and status of BMOD prep filled in during meeting. Red is needed; green is good to go.

  • Introductions
  • Overview - Victoria
    • detector response to changes in beam
    • sequentially move in set of directions (beam modulation)
    • detector yield vs. <beam position> => slopes
    • partial derivative of bpm (or detector) vs. driving coil => sensitivities
      • correlation plot or fit -> matrix, allows to calculate the slope
    • regression on natural beam motion also
  • Status - Ye and Victoria
    • coils work, know which direction
    • don't know whether positive current means a certain direction
    • modulation controls - sends current to coils, pause FFB
    • know which BPMs, and which work (tested during APEX)
      • x motion the noise of the beam seemed larger
      • probably because of energy lock not being on
      • BPM12X at a location - should have large correlation with energy
    • don't know for a given coils - position and angle of beam (at target)
    • 5 BPMS 4AX, 4EX, 12X,
    • 3 x coils, 3 y coils - which is best to do analysis (Ye)
    • coil 1 and 3 for x may be different for PREX tune
    • Need a plan - Victoria will write it and circulate it
    • modulated data in main rootfile with a lot of branches
    • can make a special rootfile for only modulated data
    • "stuff" in the data stream indicating FFB paused, coils modulating, etc. - flags
  • Software - Tao
    • Generic tools for analysis - multiple runs
    • calculating the slopes from cycles vs. runs from incomplete supercycles
    • more robust if data-taking is not ideal
  • Aggregator - Sakib
    • Tao's scripts in aggregator
  • Documentation needed
  • meeting times

Attending: Juliette, Paul, Victoria, Ye, Tao, Sakib, Quinn, Dave Armstrong, Zeke