BMOD 19May2021

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Logistic information

 BlueJeans calling instructions:
 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 International toll number:         408-740-7256
 Bluejeans CODE:                 948942477
 Bluejeans link:


May 19

  • Respin 2: Look at dit vs. reg differences - HAPLOG
    • Look at respin2 dit-reg diff outputs
    • Checked by eye the 4+ sigma outlier miniruns
  • Respin 1: 3 CREX parts’ monitorwise net corrections (and uncertainties?) - HAPLOG
  • Respin 1: Residual dithering sensitivities - HAPLOG
    • Looking at plain BPMs, run_avg sensitivities
    • Looking at eigenvector monitors, run_avg sensitivities
    • Looking at plain BPMs, cyclewise sensitivities
    • Fractional residuals (needs more work in respin2 outputs to clean up outliers) - HAPLOG
  • Timescale dependent RMSs in asym->histogram filling - not discussed - HAPLOG


Cameron, Robert, Victoria, Tao, Kent, Ye Tian