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How to come back to Jefferson Lab

edited by R. Michaels, Sept 2021

For all Users

It is quite understandable that due to COVID-19 it is risky and difficult to come back to Jefferson Lab and work, but if you want to here is what all Users must do:

  • NEW, Fall 2021 You must update your walkthrough training (SAF110 training) for Hall A because many pieces of equipment are new.
  • register as a User 7 days before coming even if you have registered before. Why ? Explained here. Note, you also need permission from Thia or Rolf. The easiest way to justify being on campus is to sign up for shifts, but there can be other justifications. This is for Users. For Staff, it's a little easier to justify. Now, rather than emailing Thia or Rolf, simply sign up for shifts or ask me or Bogdan to put you on a list of Users that will be forwarded to Thia. If you're wondering whether or not you really need to register because you did that recently, ask the User Liaison Lorelei Carlson (
  • Read the COVID-19 OSP and certify that you read it by signing the copy in the counting room.

to check your status and avoid being turned away at the guard shack on the way to your shift   from Cameron Clarke and Victoria Owen, written in July 2020 (I think it still applies) :

It's possible to have "Day Time Access" vs "All Hours Access" with your badge. This is a simple thing to have admin (your on-site sponsor or the jris team) fix during regular business hours. If you haven't been to the lab after hours, but have a swing/owl shift coming up, check that status on JList ahead of time. (use the jlab vpn:, sign in with mobile pass, browse, login with your CUE password, click "my info" on the left. check for "Building Access" under your ID picture).

Similarly to this problem is the activation status of your badge. There has been some confusion caused by the return down to medcon 5 including statements about needing to visit an office to re-activate your badge. In fact no visit is needed unless you need a totally new badge (for first time visitors) and you can simply use your old badge when your newly online registered visit has been processed approved (which will be preceded 2 days in advance by the email requesting verification of COVID-19 safety) and approved (which comes with no email confirmation).

To check visit approval status follow the same steps as mentioned above to verify your site-access, but instead of looking for the “daytime access/all times access“ field, look for the “active/inactive” field. If your access is “active” and valid at all hours then you will be allowed on site for shifts with no trouble.