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This page is intended for CREX shift crew and instructs the correct usage of the compton counting mode DAQ. This DAQ is for the Compton electron detector.

Running the DAQ

Start a new run every 2 hours. Do this when you start the other Compton DAQ runs.

For production running the electron detector should be in the COMPTON position.


  • Login to the compton2 machine (user: compton)
  • Type startCoda in the terminal
    • This will execute each CODA component in a separate xterm, one of them being the run control gui (rcGui)
  • From the rcGui menu bar click Control -> Connect
  • Check that the CODA run parameter 'configuration' is 'vtpCompton'
    • If it is not the correct configuration
      • click on Configurations -> Coda Config
      • a small window will pop-up with a list of coda configurations, choose 'vtpCompton' and click ok
    • If it is the correct configuration
      • click on the Configure button located just below the menu bar
  • Next click Download.
  • The bottom left of the rcGui window will show the state of vtpROC, PEB1, and ROC1.

Start a Run

  • Make sure the CODA run parameter 'configuration' is 'vtpCompton'
  • Click on the Start button below the rcGui menu bar
    • This will increment the run number
    • An autolog with run information will be added to the HACOMPTON logbook
  • When the run has started the state of each component will read 'active'

Stop a Run

  • Click on the End button
  • When the run has ended the state of each component with read 'ended'.

Common Problems