DAQ Checkout test

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Further DAQ Documentation is listed at the DAQ Documentation Portal and DAQ Testing links

Also see Testing and Commissioning Notes for a detailed description of tests.

Performing a DAQ Checkout Test

To check out the DAQ and verify that the timing is all optimal and the VQWK ADC Channels are all performing in some optimal way (using no-beam preferably):

  • Utilize the DAQ_Checkout.conf Japan configuration (./build/qwparity -r ### --config Parity/prminput/DAQ_Checkout.conf)
  • Look at the data with the testChannels.cfg configuration (-f ./build/panguin -r ### -f /macros/QualityAssurance/tesChannels.cfg)

The Japan Config will interpret all of the VQWK channels into an easily cycled through nomenclature and will keep the scaler channels relating to DAQ timing and synchronization test on and show them at the end of the list of panguin screens

See here for an example log entry