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Logistic information

 BlueJeans calling instructions:
 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 International toll number:         408-740-7256
 Bluejeans CODE:                  475 839 391
 Bluejeans link: https://bluejeans.com/475839391


  • Bob : Set up Trigger Supervisor DAQ to communicate correctly with Injector DAQ from ADAQ3 computer
  • Bob : Set up Counting Room DAQ and add to TS (should be easy)
  • Bob : Set up RHRS DAQ and add to TS
  • Bob : Set up LHRS DAQ, add QWeak ADCs, connect to RHRS, and add to TS (should be harder)
  • Long-range plan :
    • Finish setting up all DAQ components to Trigger Supervisor Control (TSC) and verify all components work as intended
    • PAN, post-PAN and PAN-guin (Parity Analyze software) should all be rewritten, primarily to bring its functionality into the current group's control.


  • Morning - 9AM - Bob : remembered that the DAQ database was set to run on COMPTON computer, not ADAQ3, so fixing that helped
    • Using the ROC24/Injector ADAQ2 and adding it to the CODA 2.6.2 databases works.
    • Also updated the CODA3 (rudimentary version) Database (msqld is CODA 2 database system, cool is the CODA 3 database system)
    • Also set tsP variable to 0 globally at boot to prevent symbol-undefined complaints
    • Also made sure to turn on the ACONS console server so that it can be used to monitor rebooting process of trigger supervisor and DAQ computers
    • The CODA ROC (Read Out Controller) in the Injector dies frequently (due to the injector's rate being too high - 1.1kHz, so we called the accelerator people and they reduced to ~50 Hz)
      • To Fix the CODA ROC (running VXWorks on a powerpc) Bob has installed a small rasberry pi computer (rpi12 on the network, accessible through ssh) and it serves as a serial port connection into the ROC that allows for remote power cycling using the Minicom (execute with run_minicom) software (similar to telnet, but doesn't require buying a console server)
  • Morning - 11AM - Bob : including the counting room injector into the mix
    • Using the ROC23/Counting-house ADAQ6 to the trigger supervisor (TS) (it didn't work without the trigger supervisor) by editing configurations and the like.
    • Just updating the configuration to use the counting room ROC worked (checking to make sure the bits point to the right ROC helped verify, also unplugging the TS cable and seeing the signal stop helped verify)
    • Reading the database can be done with adaq3 computer's ~/database scripts and commands
    • We also configured a setup with TS control on the injector and counting house DAQs simultaneously
      • Making a new configuration using cedit kills the data output file entry in the database
      • This can be worked around by pulling and editing and dumping a configuration file by hand, or automatically by editing the configuration file with dbedit (CODA 2 proprietary) - then you have to go to the configuration and add a field called dataFile and give it a string
  • To do next - Bob : we should run standalone with the RHRS and tie it into the TS also (see following meeting)