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Logistic information

BlueJeans calling instructions:
Toll-Free Number (U.S.& Canada): 888-240-2560
International toll number:     408-740-7256
Bluejeans CODE:         475 839 391
Bluejeans link: https://bluejeans.com/475839391


  • Bob : Teach Cameron and Chandan how to test QWeak ADC channels and look at data read into CODA


Morning - 11AM - Bob, Cameron, Chandan

  • Metrics for testing a QWeak ADC - it's easier since their dynamic range is much greater and the bit resolution is much higher for them (32 instead of 18 bit gives much higher resolution when digitizing)
    • It works
    • Does't saturate at -5 or +5V
    • The zero volt signal is near the middle value of the dynamic range
    • Look at pedestal noise (differences between neighboring events, or just ADC values with no signal)
    • Use a modified rampdac16 command to put flat points at interesting voltage values for testing dynamic range


Today's testing