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Logistic information

BlueJeans calling instructions:
Toll-Free Number (U.S.& Canada): 888-240-2560
International toll number:     408-740-7256
Bluejeans CODE:         475 839 391
Bluejeans link: https://bluejeans.com/475839391


  • Bob : Clarify FLEXIO and timing diagram in Injector DAQ


  • Bob (email correspondence) :
Dear DAQ enthusiasts
Attached is the updated timing diagram for the Parity Injector DAQ.  I measured the timing today, delayed the LNE slightly, and fixed a couple of mistakes with the 7200 inputs.  Run 4225 looks ok from my POV but I still dont know how to check the 7200.  No hurry on that, though.
The sensitivity that we observed to the FLEXIO latch timing, where if it's delayed by 10 usec it causes "helicity sequence errors" is probably due to the fact that the readout starts 7 usec after this signal, and the first thing that's read is the FLEXIO.  I suppose you don't want to latch it while you're trying to read it !
I'll show Cameron and Chandan how to measure these things, and then we need to check each crate and get some practice changing the timing, using Greenmonster, etc.