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Further information is available in DAQ Documentation Portal and DAQ Testing Portal

Comprehensive documentation of the software and techniques used to run DAQ tests and analyze data

See also - DAQ Commissioning Notes



CODA Components and Diagnostics

ET System Updates

Because CODA 2.6.2 is 32 bit compiled while our analysis software is 64 bit compiled, in order to have an online analyzer that can run feedback on live data we need to generate a new bridging solution to be able to have a CODA ET system capable of communicating both with the 32 CODA DAQ and with the 64 bit online analyzer.

Carl Timmer has given Bob an ET bridge system - see the full description ET Bridge


The CEdit system allows for editing and creating new CODA DAQ configurations for connecting network-hosted Read Out Computers (ROCs) in the various VME crates in a JLab DAQ system.

How to use CEdit:

  • In order to ensure that the cedit configs are reflected in translated databases look around in here:

Online Analysis Software

Notes on Goals

See 8-03-2018 meeting notes

180803 Online monitoring test

  • created folder with copies from ~apar/PREX/panguin_backend to ~apar/ciprian/onlineAnaTst/panguin_backend
  • copied over evio.* THaCodaFile.* of the updated codaclass files from ~apar/ciprian/onlineAnaTst/feedback/pan/codaclass26/
  • compiles and etHeartbeat can connect to ET on adaq3 but it complains that et ERROR: etl_open: ET system is 32 bit and this program is 64 bit!

190322 Online speed test

Module and Hardware-Test Software

See also - DAQ Commissioning Notes