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September 10th, 2018 Testers: Cameron

See Today's Meeting Notes


Replace battery in LHRS ROC 25 (hallavme14) so that NVRAM doesn't get erased after each power cycle.


  • The battery (small yellow rectangle with 4 pins) used as a replacement is labelled "990ST M4T28-BR12SH1 TIMEKEEPER SNAPHAT MYS 99 611" and Cameron has 4 more copies with the same label, plus the old one that was probably bad.
  • Replacing the battery is easy, you just pull out the ROC and the battery is installed over a integrated chip next to the serial port on the bottom left and it just snaps into place.
    • I did not do a power cycle test in the hall, but I did restore the RAM remotely (from apar@adaq3:~/doc/vmeram.doc)
  • While moving the modules around the TI to Happex Timing Board twisted pair cable came undone and I did not put it back.
    • This means that for now the LHRS can only run in Trigger Supervisor mode (not standalone HapTB mode).

To Do

  • Verify the RAM stays by doing a hardware power cycle
  • Replicate battery replacement in all other ROCs to prevent this issue from reappearing (Cameron has the batteries)
  • Replace the HAPTB DAC to TI module twisted pair connection

  • Add HAPPEX Timing Board to Injector
  • Test all ADCs in Injector
  • Make a bank for all ADCs