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November 21st, 2018 Testers: Cameron

See Today's Meeting Notes


  • Take data during MCC high current beam test

ROC 26 LHRS doesn't respond to telnet connections

    • [apar@adaq3 ~]$ telnet hatsv21 2004
    • Trying
    • Connected to hatsv21.
    • Escape character is '^]'.
    • Connection closed by foreign host.

Testing CntInj config

  • Run 4643 - CODA runs noHRSs config and returns an error in ROC 24, doesn't get past event 4
    • interrupt: scalRead: nvalues!=arg
  • Run 4644 - CODA runs CntInj config and returns an error in ROC 24, takes normal data
    • interrupt: scalRead: FIFO Empty
    • interrupt: scalRead: nvalues!=arg
  • Run 4645 - CODA runs noHRSs config (fixed to use the second crl info from the CntInj config) and still hangs at 4 events
  • This probably isn't a problem, because we do have helicity information plugged into one channel of the FLEXIO scaler in the counting house, so we can reconstruct helicity correlated beam current asymmetries at high current, it will just take some work.


To Do

  • Ye will analyze this data, in conjunction with HRS data from the Hypernuclear experiment
  • Caryn noticed an issue with one of the SEE BPMs half way through the high-current part of the test - we should talk to Pete Francis about this
    • See Haplog 3574 for this (the straight line ramping is Cameron testing linearity of replacement Vqwk_2)
    • And Haplog 3572 for other related BPM problems