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December 19th, 2018 Testers: Cameron Clarke, Ye Tian, Victoria Owen, Kent Paschke


  • Test Injector Timing in New Bank Mode (and get the simple analyzer to work in Bank mode too)
  • Re-establish BMW (beam modulation) system in Counting House DAQ

Injector Timing in Bank Mode

Because the CRL is changed and a few new lines of writing to the data buffer have been added it is feasible that there is a change in relative helicity signal timing, and we need to have a stable DAQ and everything perfect in the injector before Caryn does injector studies in January

  • No extra helicity data, baseline test
    • Run 4813 - event builder crashes (normal)
    • Run 4814 - 11k events, no helicity errors in "~/caryn/paninj2018/pan/pan -f /adaq2/data1/apar/parity18_injector_4814.dat" output to screen
  • Adding in HEL+ to vqwk10_5 and sis3801 channel 2 (as before)
    • Run 4815 - 10k events, no helicity errors in pan
  • Revert to defaults baseline test again, but remove the ECL Tstable cable from the TIR module to test that it is in fact the trigger (not in TS control mode)
    • Run 4816 - yup, the lights stop blinking when the ECL Tstable is removed, and there are helicity errors there too
  • Revert to defaults baseline test again, for real this time
    • Run 4817 - 10k events, no helicity errors in pan
  • Decoding the banks to check with ~/cameronc/simpleAna/xana simple decoder and analyzer program
    • Bank 1 in new CRL has the SIS3801, 40 words long, scaler channel 2 is word 8, the scaler control bit is mask &0x40000000, the scaler data information is mask &0xfff (maybe 0xffff, but just fff is enough to see clearly the bit changing)
    • Bank 2 in new CRL has the VQWKs, 562 words long, vqwk10_5 = word 515 (like 555 before, minus 40 from the 1st bank), needs no mask to see raw data
    • Bank 3 in new CRL has the FLEXIO helicity word, 25 words long, FLEXIO combined word is word 1, mask for HEL+ is &0x1
    • Testing the runs I see that the helicity is synchronous across the FLEXIO, SIS3801, and VQWK readouts, as expected, and matching the behavior seen before the bank structure was introduced

Reviving Counting House Beam Modulation (BMW)

  • Testing the FLEXIO output bit we see that the flexioWriteChan(0 or 2, 1) command is useful (see FLEXIO libraries for more details)
  • Kent hijacked some of my scaler ECL cables, so I should rewire those when I verify the timing of the counting house (similar to above test)
  • My "injector" key also opens the BSY building
  • We need ~ 10 x BNC->NIM out converters, and I've found about 6 already, which may be enough
  • The Green Monster does not connect to the counting house, possibly due to improper IP address or misconfiguration (it does work for the injector though)
  • The next step is to connect the FLEXIO output bit to a cable that runs to the BSY and connect that to the apparatus that controls the modulation cycles so it can read the FLEXIO's acknowledge trigger


Banked mode injector CRL is basically the same as before, and the relative timing is not changed