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December 21st, 2018 Testers: Cameron Clarke, Ye Tian


  • Identify Injector<->Counting House fiber optic cables for TS synchronization
  • Replace SIS3801 scaler on RHRS with spare from LHRS

Fiber Optics

Jack Segal has a laser pulser for checking fiber cables. Ye Tian and Cameron used it to verify the identity of cables in the counting house and injector. The result is that all 4 of the cables plugged into the send and receive ports in the counting house TS fiber optic patch panel are correctly labelled and correspond to the corresponding receive and send ports in the Injector. However, the other cables in the injector besides these 4 are not easily found and are currently of unknown origin. Jack Segal and Bob don't know where the Hall C fiber cables are, but it is possible that the other cables in the Injector link up in Hall C somewhere.

SIS3801 on RHRS

The SIS3801 Bob put into the RHRS parity DAQ VME crate is a ECL connection based scaler, and it appears to have a different firmware mode in place. Consequently Cameron removed the spare SIS3801 from the LHRS extra VME crate, adjusted its hardware address to be 00A40 like in the other crates running Prex_ts.crl, and attempted to match the pins so the firmware version is the same as the other SIS3801's too.

  • Run 4818 - CODA failed
  • Run 4819 - New Scaler not read out in CRL due to accidentally including the "noscaler" option in the cedit configuration
  • Run 4820 - (came back to this on December 22nd) Remove "noscaler" option - now the scaler blinks and data is recorded (in bank 2 of ROC 26)
  • Run 4821 - Add HEL+ to scaler data word 32 - helicity data doesn't show up, meaning there may be an issue with the firmware or my understanding of the banked data
  • Run 4822 - Move HEL+ to scaler control bit 8 - still doesn't show up - this issue will have to wait until after the break to be resolved