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January 15th, 2019 Testers: Cameron Clarke, Tao Ye, Bob, Paul King


  • Do pedestal studies with a battery on the HRSs
  • Getting Japan to work with all 4 crates simultaneously

Pedestal Testing

Using batteries to look for pedestal noise floor, drift, or helicity correlated pickup

  • Run 1032 - failed
  • Run 1033 - Battery (1.6 V) plugged into RHRS first ADC, channel 7 (index 7, 8th channel) - 5300 events at 30 Hz flip rate, 500 us Tsettle time (scalers and synch monitor are now invalid - were set for 240 Hz and 160 us Tsettle timing)
    • See plot of data with 50 ppm noise, and ~ 5 ppm noise event to event (note that to get the voltage, rather than a beam current normalized signal, you have to specify at run time in JAPAN not to normalize)
  • Run 1034 - Battery (1.6 V) plugged into RHRS second ADC, channel 4 - 5300 events (I may have accidentally moved lumi signal in channel 1 to 2, either way, its in 2 now)
  • Run 1035 - Battery (1.6 V) plugged into LHRS only ADC, channel 7 - 36000 events
  • After getting helped by Paul King, the command to analyze a run in Japan use:
    • ~/pking/japan_altdevel/build_6.14/qwparity --config prex.conf --codafile-stem [stem] -r [number] --rootfile-stem [root file stem]
    • Paul uses ~/pking/reset_env.csh to set his environment
  • Run 1036 - Battery (1.6 V) plugged into LHRS only ADC, channel 7 - over night high stats run: 1.6M events

JAPAN 4 Crate Map

Paul King helped create a 4 crate map.

  • We decided to make map files based on detector type
  • The blindable detectors will be one type of class (MollerDet) and the lumis get their own class, as do scalers
  • We added Prex Tandem, At, Scalers, and SAMs to the detector maps, and got all but scalers to work
    • Got the scalers to work by fixing a typo - we were able to successfully recreate Tao's plots from pevious testing
  • Unfortunately, with going back to 1000 run number it messes with the run-number agnostic map in Japan
    • Resolved by changing the $QW_DATA directory to somewhere else with a link to .dat files of interest in it
  • The old pan header words are not being properly skipped over by Japan, so a workaround (similar to the one already done for "beamline" maps) must be implemented for all banks
    • Updates were made to the Moller and Lumi classes to allow these header words to be skipped.
  • We now have a fully functioning Japan that can analyze all crates - currently assumes where the SAMs, Prex and At detectors will be