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February 6th, 2019 Testers: Cameron Clarke, Devi Adhikari, Paul King


  • Establish standard DAQ initialization
  • Take pedestal noise floor calibration runs for updated SAM cabling configuration
  • Check on 2 ET sleep delay
  • Check on Chris Cuevas' VQWK fixing approach - lets meet next wednesday to go over this, first resurrect the TEDf test stand

Establish Standard DAQ Initialization and test SAMs and ET problems

Paul King set up a new standardized way of initializting QWeak ADCs using the g0inj.flags files that the injector already uses (instead of a boot script or Green Monster initialization).

Continuing from yesterday - I put the vqwk gate through the from HEL signal to LHRS - fixed it now:

  • Run 1199 - Worked in Hardware DAQ, but all nsamps=0
  • Run 1200 - same problem
  • Run 1201 - Paul reverts to prior CRL edition
  • Run 1202 and 1203 - I test new ET bridge code, works, but et_open for remote 64 bit ET system still has a bug, Carl Timmer gave me a bug fix to implement that will tell a remote ET session operating on a local machine to check for ET existence without segfaulting
  • Run 1204 - With ET 32 and 64 dead the EB fails
  • Run 1205 - With ET 64 dead it never works
  • Stop using CODA to test ET problems - just use 2 ETs by themselves with ETbridge executed individually
  • Run 1206 - CH config test - checking g0inj.flgs refactor for clean data
    • Works, but LHRS is off/disconnected
    • LHRS ethernet connection had come out
  • Run 1207 - Testing Prex_ALL config and SAM noise floor data with HV on and proper nsamp
    • Worked, short run, everything is fine!
  • Run 1208 and 1209 - Long SAM runs, HV on
  • Run 1210 - Long SAM run, HV off
  • Run 1211 - restore injector mode

HALOG entry, and another

To Do

  • Restore CH Helicity Control Board
  • Replace Vqwk1 in CH DAQ
  • Set up vqwk gate's veto signal to go to CH and HRS crates
  • Set up HAPPEX ADC gate window and/or setHAPTB command into .flags file?
  • Set up SIS3801 scaler veto to be intelligent and run a new patch panel cable for these