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February 7th, 2019 Testers: Cameron Clarke, Devi Adhikari, Bob Michaels, Ye Tian


  • Establish TEDf test stand for VQWK and other module testing purposes
  • Recall some EDL settings for APEX RC purposes

Establish TEDf test stand for testing purposes

There is a test stand in the TEDf building that Bob Michaels maintains: adaq@atedf3 analysis computer (new password) and atedf6 VXWorks ROC on hatsv28:2002. It contains a copy of the HallA-Parity-DAQ repository.

  • Cedit config "TestADCs" is the Prex.crl, copied from apar@adaq3, and Cameron updated it to have banks too
  • startcoda works directly
  • Cameron and Ye Tian have established a standard Japan analysis chain on their respective ifarm accounts, leaving the analysis off of the shoulders of the atedf3 computer (which needs to have the boost libraries installed first)
  • The "new" firmware helicity control board has problems - see later entry descriptions of problems


  • Run 1642 and 1643 - works with old HelBoard - data looks good in xcefdmp
    • Can't analyze data in Japan since no bank structure
  • Run 1644 and 1645 - edited the .boot script and prex.crl, but the ROC dies, also for 1645
  • Run 1646 and 1647 - Data takes, 4141 nsamples
  • Run 1648 and 1649 - fixes Tsettle from helboard, data looks good! The Tsettle is made by a gate generator, instead of non-functioning helboard
  • Run 1650 - should have ramping HAPTB DAC, but it doesn't appear in data?


Hall A Tools: Red Toolbox on HA computers, New Tools, OPS Menu, EDM (HLA), JMenu (HLA), HALLA, Tools Display Alarms: Ignore nitrogen levels in magnets, replace gas bottles ourselves, ignore gas shed hut alarms if it is windy