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May 8th, 2019 Testers: Cameron Clarke


  • FLEXIO testing
  • Plan for helicity pickup mitigation
  • Plan for detector placement
  • Channel map pre-VME crate fan fix

FLEXIO Testing

The FLEXIO's in the TEDf stand work, I just had to do the flexio2 flag instead of flexio in the cedit config.

Plan for helicity pickup mitigation


Measure, produce intentionally, characterize, and elliminate noise/helicity pickup/false asymmetries

Start in the injector on the Laser table Move to the injector crate Move to the counting house crate Put the main detector circuitry in place and move to the HRSs We should use batteries as "non-asymmetry producing" detector channels and try to minimize ground loops by any means necessary. Caryn is most experienced and is working to do this before access to the laser is revoked next week.

Plan for detector placement

Dustin and Ryan will work on getting the detector placement done. This is most of the way done in CAD and will require some steel machining and measuring in the huts.

We need to know the placement of the detectors before we can plug the battery pickup simulators in

Channel Map pre-VME crate fix

I put the FLEXIO LNE signal through the QRT patch panel and correctly cabled everything in both HRS huts. There may be some mistakes, but it should at least allow data to be collected now in all 4 crates at once again (though the VME crate in the CH is running how and will be fixed by Bill Gunning tomorrow).

See here for the channel map of the first 8 VME modules in the VME crate as of 5/8/2019