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June 3rd, 2019 Testers: Cameron Clarke, Paul King


  • New HAPTB based VQWK timing initialization in all crates
  • DAQ and Japan setup for ideal battery noise/pickup testing
  • Beam sync and timing board status - update

VQWK ADC and HAPTB timing settings update

Updated vqwk_32_longcall.o and timebrd_set_scan.o in bootscripts so they now read flags files at boot to initialize and CRL doesn't change the HAPTB settings anymore (trust they are OK)

  • Run 2487 tests the new timing and ADC setting technique

Timing Jitter for 120 Hz linesync

We found a potential way to lock the Raster to the HelBoard's 120Hz signal - see Helicity Control

Optimal Battery DAQ and Japan setup (from 05/23/2019)

When performing battery noise floor/crosstalk/pickup studies we want to ensure that the batteries are connected (preferably with a capacitor in the way) to the same ground as the Main detector High Voltages or to the Main detector pre-amps' outputs, or in INJ/CH floating w.r.t. the VME crate ground.

In order to analyze battery data we want to use the standard detector map (properly updated with battery and empty channels names)

detectors = prex_detectors.map

We do not want to normalize against BCMs

QwDetectorArray.normalize = 0 
QwBlindDetectorArray.normalize = 0 

We want to allow differences for all types of signals for comparisons

enable-differences = 1 

And we want to ignore stability cuts

ring.stability_cut = 0 

The form that the data takes is determined by the map files which can contain pedestals and scale factors for the data, but a raw channel with no such map file provided will be given in total integrated ADC samples/number of samples as the .hw_sum values, and as total integrated ADC samples (an integer) in the .hw_sum_raw (and .block[0,1,2,3]_raw values). These raw values are not available in the mul (pattern) tree, but can be obtained by multiplying by num_samples. As long as the pedestal maps don't give a conversion factor then the hw_sum (_raw) outputs will always be in ADC counts/sample units (ADC counts units).