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August 4th, 2020 Tester: Cameron Clarke

Replacing VQWK number 025 from L:HRS _0_3 bad channel

To make these plots I have used the DAQ_Checkout.conf decoding configuration (for the CH_INJ CODA config) and used the panguin macro QualityAssurance/testChannels.cfg

  • Run 7535 - Show the failure of ADC 032 channel 02, railed at -10 (as Victoria found a few days ago)
  • Run 7536 - Show the old LHRS ADC 025 with non-linear response: https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3820478

Checking out all ADC modules

Using the RampAll config (rampdac16 setting in CH crate cedit config)

  • Run 7537 - Looks good by eye, if interested see PDFs in ~/cameronc/DAQ-calibration/CREX-August-Restart/
  • Run 7538-7544 : remaining 7 ADCs in CH crate, all appear good
  • Run 7545 - added rampdac16 to L and RHRS in CEDIT - test run, works
  • Run 7546 - LHRS test, turns out channel _3 has another problem, no negative voltage range and strange positive channels-volts scale factor -> Will replace with ADC 001
  • Run 7547-7548 - RHRS tests, both ADCs good... SAM 5 has some 60 Hz noise that is affected by jostling cables... maybe removed now after replugging
  • Run 7549 - LHRS test again, with ADC 001 this time, all good

HALOG entry: https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3820580#