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LHRS crate

User name R. Michaels Log entry time 14:23:25 on February 15, 2010 Entry number 309270 keyword=GEM DAQ version "0"

On the Left HRS (std DAQ) there are now two DAQ configs

LeftHrs LeftNoGem

The "LeftNoGem" does not have Gem crate. It's not our production mode, presumably, but will suffice for VDC checkout, etc, until the Gem DAQ is stable.

The "LeftHrs" has the Gem crate ROC6 = happex11. Presently on portserver hatsv40 output 4. If you run "setupxterms" this will be clear.

The CRL is gemleft.crl which at the moment does not address any ADCs. I'm leaving it for Alex to populate the crate with the RICH CRAMS.

Other notes

1. There are no triggers yet. Even T8 is gone (presumably a cabling disruption). For now I'm using a private pulser for T8. Timing is total chaos. Obviously more work to do here.

2. The other ROCs are getting gates and data, so Jack fixed the problems. Thanks.

3. There are 3 gate generators on L-HRS. One in each NIM crate. Feel free to take any. We don't need them for PREX. One is used for my "T8" at the moment but go ahead and take it.

4. Once we get this to work we will copy it to R-HRS. Albert tells me he will be done there tomorrow (or anyway this week).

Left arm run on a-onl on adaql3

RICH boot scripts for hallavme14 and hallavme15 are located in ~/rich/boot/ in a-onl account.

Saved initial files in crl and vxworks directory in save_18Feb10.

RHRS crate

User name R. Michaels Log entry time 14:03:05 on February 17, 2010 Entry number 309328 keyword=GEM DAQ -- repeated on R-HRS

The GEM VME crate is working on the R-HRS, same as L-HRS. Of course, no C-RAMS yet, just an empty crate that runs CODA from the trigger supervisor.

Similar to L-HRS

ROC7 at CRL: ~a-onl/crl/gemright.crl (identical to gemleft.crl at the moment) Portserver: bbps1 port 5 (type "setupxterms" to see)

DAQ config with Gems: RightHrs DAQ config without Gems: RightNoGem (useful for VDC check etc until Gem DAQ is stable).

Right arm runs on adaql2 a-onl account

Small note: the ts_scaler.crl for R-HRS comes from adev acct. (But this probably doesn't matter to anywone.)

GEM analysis code from Ole

x1_stripmap: histogram of the strip numbers that fired (I assumed strip number = Gassiplex channel number)

x1_adcmap: same as stripmap, but each entry weighted with the raw ADC value of the channel.

x1_nstrips: Number of strips fired for each event

x1_nclust: Number of clusters (groups of adjacent hits) found per event

x1_cluster_size: Size of clusters per event

The fact that clusters appear is definitely encouraging.

There is new analysis code in adaql3:/adaqfs/home/ole/TreeSearch-GEM/ . The script I used to generate these results is checkout.C. The input file name needs to be changed for the adaq cluster, and you have to open the root file and do the plots by hand after replay.

Pedestal runs

How to take a pedestal run

Pedestal runs list

Chamber configuration