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Repositories and Discussions

Working with Github

JLab ifarm scientific computing access

  • Register as a JLab user, undergrad, or grad student (here, or register from the "online" link in here).
    • After registration, you have to "Register New Visit" as user group "Remote Access," even though you aren't necessarily visiting, and you will need you to call the JLab helpdesk at some point.
    • While filling out the Registration form you can request an account on the JLab Common User Environment (CUE). You must include Bob Michaels ( as your JLab sponsor for the account - be sure to request access to a-parity and moller12gev user groups (here is a good starting link).
    • To get access to swif and scientific computing resources follow the instructions here.
    • Then to use swif see the guide here or readmes in relevant repositories.

Jefferson Lab github access

Send an email with the following (and if this doesn't work ask one of the senior members of the collaboration to add you themselves):

Subject: Please add me to the JeffersonLab github organization
To: <>
I'm a JLab user and my JLab user name is _______.
Could you please add me to the JeffersonLab github organization?
My github username is ______ and account id is ______

Using Github

  • Once you have Github set up on your computer (following one of the guides above), you can begin working with Github, committing, pushing, and pulling your work and managing offshoot branches of new projects.
  • Github includes some features to maximize the efficiency of collaborative work, including such things as pull requests, projects, and issue tracking.
  • If you want to get started on some new work you should jump into an outstanding issue or project, which are available in the related tabs on the web-page version of each repository.
    • For example, you can begin by either starting a new issue or project, or by inserting yourself into the conversation of an issue, like in the JAPAN repository.
    • Anyone with a github account can participate, though obtaining write-privileges requires access to the JeffersonLab organization (as documented above).