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Make an entry

Shift leaders should make frequent halog entries!

from the command line

  • open a terminal
  • type "halog"
  • in the window that opens, enter the text of your log entry
  • add a subject in the subject line
  • you can add email addresses of people you would like to pay special attention to this entry
  • to add an attachment (one thing that makes this utility so useful):
    • Click on "Add Attachment" (second from the right at the bottom of the window)
    • To add a snapshot, click on the "Add Snapshot..."
      • Use the cursor to choose the region you want to include in your log entry by clicking on a point and dragging the mouse to the opposite corner
      • Wait a few seconds for the window to reappear
      • Check your snapshot; if not good then you can "Click to clear" and try again
    • To add a file, click on the "Attach File..."
      • choose your file from the directory in the window that opens
      • make sure you are choosing the correct file

Using the online interface

  • Log in (upper right hand corner of the page)
  • Mouse over "Add Content" to the left of the menu bar
  • Choose "LogEntry" from the dropdown menu
  • In the "Main" tab
    • Enter the Title (Subject)
    • Check the box to indicate whether the entry needs attention
    • Choose the logbook to post to (you can choose multiple logbooks, if appropriate)
    • Add tags
    • Indicate co-authors
    • write your log entry in the "Body"
    • enter the email address of people you want to alert in "Notify"
  • You can attach files by clicking on the Attachments" tab
    • Warning: The HALOG web interface is buggy - DO NOT upload your plots before typing things
      • It will delete all of your attachments unless you first click "preview"
      • After getting your text saved with preview it is safe to upload files
      • But you may need to hit preview a few more times to ensure your files are there before submitting
      • Files can always be added in edit, comment, or followup mode too if you have trouble
    • Browse for the image or other type of file
    • click on the file name you want to attach then click "Open"
    • don't forget to click "Upload"
    • to reference another logbook entry, click on the "References" tab
      • you can search logbook entries in the "Logbook References"
      • click on the entry you want to reference
      • to add more than one reference, click on "Add another item"
      • you can do similar things for external references
  • when your entry is complete, press "Preview" or "Save"

Edit an entry

Search the halog