HRS DAQ for Q2, Optics

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The HRS DAQ is used for Spot++, Optics, for measuring Qsq, and background studies. Except for Spot++, these activities are expert driven and not part of normal production.

If you are looking for Spot++ instructions:

Here is a checklist for switching between counting mode and integrating mode.

L-HRS DAQ runs on adaq3 ........ R-HRS DAQ runs on adaq2

Account: adaq

CODA will normally be running already. But, to start CODA from scratch on either HRS: "startcoda"

The running config is usually LeftHRS or Righthrs, but there may be other configs for special purposes.


How to set Prescale factors: Type "prescaleL" or "prescaleR" and use the obvious GUI.

Scalers display (xscaler): Login to aonl1 as the a-onl account and type "xscaler", then do what it says to do. Note that xscaler is normally running on the hapc2 computer above the adaq1 console.

== Triggers for PREX ==

T1 = S0A & S0B
T2 = S3
T3 = S0A || S0B
T4 = Upstream Quartz
T5 = Downstream Quartz
T6 = ((S0A & S0B) & S3) = T1.and.T2
T8 = Clock -- 103.7 kHz on L-HRS, 1024 Hz on R-HRS

Note about prescale factors
Max prescale factors: ps1-4=16777215; ps5-8=65535
T9-12 cannot be prescaled but any trigger can be turned off with ps=0

recovery from problems

Sometimes the DAQ doesn't work, particularly after a long down time. The easiest way to recover is to reboot the ROCs and type "startcoda" from the appropriate account ("adaq") on the appropriate computer (R-HRS on adaq2, L-HRS on adaq3). To reboot the ROCs the easiest way is to type "reboot" on the vxWorks prompt of each login (the x-terms with names of the ROCs in their title). Another way is to go to the magnet epics screen (Hall A tools) and find the "crate resets" button. Note, both fastbus crates in each HRS are reset with one button. For the ROC20/31 VME crate its usually good enough to "ctrl-C" out of it and do "startcoda". If you really have trouble, call Chandan Ghosh, Bob Michaels, or Alexandre Camsonne -- in that order.

ROC remote power cycle

  • For LHRS (roc31) remote power cycle: Use IP: (this will open a web page with crate control tabs, this will ask for user and password).
  • For RHRS (roc20) remote power cycle: telnet hatsv3 2007;
  1. Type 'CAEN'. (Nothing will display on screen at you type).
  2. A menu with options to control the Crate will appear. Type 'C' to view the status of the crate.
  3. If the crate is off, type the letter 'o' to turn it on.
  4. If the crate is ON but is stuck and needs rebooted : type "o" to turn crate OFF. After 20 seconds, type "o" to turn it back ON
  5. Type 'crl+]' to exit the ROC.
  6. Type 'q' at the "telnet>" prompt.
  • For Fastbus crates (LHRS - ROC3,ROC4,ROC5 & TS0; RHRS-ROC1,ROC2, ROC6,TS11): Go to 'Hall A general Tools'. Open 'Crate Resets' under 'MISCELLANEOUS' tab.Then click to 'click to reset' on both 'Lower Fastbus AC' and 'Upper Fastbus AC' tabs for a particular arm.

Even more detail ... lot of details (some not applicable, though) ... remote power cycling. Ask the above experts for pw.