Moller Pre-requisite Procedure

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This Pre-requisite Moller procedure should be executed by the shift crew under the guidance of the Moller target expert Eric King. The Pre-requisite Moller procedure must be executed by Eric King and shift crew before Moller Procedure can begin.

Starting from Production running conditions:

  • Request OPS turn down the beam current to 10uA, then turn off the beam
  • Move the target out
    • Request target motion be masked
    • verify it is masked via target masking screen
    • then move 90deg target ladder to HOME position
  • Move the electron detector out
    • Pull up edet screen: jmenu-> search for "compton"->HallA Compton Controls-> "Electron" button -> Electron Detector
    • If the electron detector is IN: the position will read "Compton". Press the "Garage" button. The Status should eventually read bright green next to "Garage". If not, press the "Garage" button a second time. **If the electron detector is OUT: the position will read "Garage". And the status will show a bright green indicator next to "garage".
  • Once both electron detector is OUT and Target is HOME, and Eric King is present in the CH, then and only then may OPS begin to execute the Moller Procedure
  • Experts: Eric King, Alexandre Camsonne (edet)