PREX/CREX Mar 23 2017 1:00pm EDT

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Logistic information

 BlueJeans calling instructions:
 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 International toll number:         408-740-7256
 PARTICIPANT CODE:                  913380354#
 Room IRL:                            CEBAF F227


  1. Silviu: Ca target update: hapLog3380
    • SC: ideal Ca target with the current design will sit well below the critical temperature (SR: 600K is where a phase transition happens)
    • KP: the thermal conductivity may not be ideal for our target. Should we contemplate a measurement of the conductivity? CP: could we re-run the simulation with a material with the conductivity of CaO? SC: will do
    • KP: could we answer the question in the ERR regarding how fast the ramp can be? SC: study already done and will look into it
  2. Seamus - First order window analysis ELOG 3378 and HRS Transport Functions
    • SR: matched SNAKE to homebrewed code with raytracing for both CREX and PREX
    • SR: tech note in haplog 2245 from Kiad. Page 9 shows that after calibrations you don’t get a great resolution with the H20 target. Use this as a baseline for the multiple scattering. KP: 0.35MeV is the width
    • RM: 10mils Al is on the margin, 40 would be better. SR: 1.2 mrad would lead to 1MeV width
    • SR: would like to request people to proof-read this elog entry. Also we should implement in G4 simulation (Tyler). RM: will try to go through this because I already have the matrix elements.
    • RM: if we don’t need to have vacuum connection it would be easier for installation. However it seems that the calculation indicates we can’t afford more than 10mils Al window.
    • KK: we should communicate to them in terms of radiation lengths.
    • SR: we could do a 2GeV pointing measurement for PREX (with the CREX) configuration. KP: we may want to do more pointing measurements for drifting — maybe run 2 GeV then PREX then CREX —.
  3. Estimates of effect of vacuum coupling for PREX/CREX (Bob) haplog:3379
    • RM: this was just to try to complete what Seamus had, but it looks like he makes a good enough description.
  4. Status of G4HRS simulation (Tyler)
    • TK: septum and HRS fields are implemented correctly. Added some flexibility to the implementation.
    • TK: will implement detectors to be able to get tracks from G4.
    • RM: are you using matrix elements? TK: will compare what G4 does to the matrix element output.
  5. Kent: Radiation issues
    • KP: Lorenzo is implementing PREX geoemtry in his FLUKA sim and CG will start working on this with RadCon
    • KP: would be interested in looking at how difference E of neutrons impact activation for shielding
    • KP: haplog 3377: concluded that effective improvement from using plastic or concrete is about 2. We should probably go with concrete or poly over the top.
    • KP: CG should go talk to Pavel D. about concrete or poly.


Bob M, KK, Silviu C, Kent P, Dustin M, Seamus R, Caryn P, Paul S, Tao Y, Tyler K, Victoria O, Ciprian G, Juliette M