PREX/CREX Monday, Oct 10, 2016 3:00pm EDT

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Logistic information

 BlueJeans calling instructions:
 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 International toll number:         408-740-7256
 PARTICIPANT CODE:                  345647893#
 JLab meeting room: "CC L207"


  1. Vacuum enclosure design: KP Halog3296
    • KP: blue volumes are where the accepted tracks should go; trying to build vacuum can right now
    • SR: Bob said that for PREX 1 we had small vacuum tubes and they cut in the acceptance
    • att 2 you can see the grey boxes are very close to the acceptance
    • att3/6 you can see that the box is eating into the acceptance
    • KP: we are within a couple mm. this has to be handled. SR: what changed since last time? (was this always a problem?) KP: my guess is that it was like this last time; i think we will see that the events being cut will not affect this much (see tyler’s slides)
    • att 9: SOS Q1s are placed in the CAD as came from the Al G. our acceptance tracks are not centered. SR: picture with the collimator superimposed. not clear if that needs to be 100% on the center. can’t say if it’s right or wrong. KK: my first instinct is that there might be a z axis screw up. KP: we should revisit the z axis. also the new quads may have a new approach angle? SR: Nickie put in the SOS quads such that they have the same optical properties. KP: can tyler see if things look the same in the simulation? TK: will take a 5 deg line and trace it, get the coordinates and give them to Kent. also get the positions of the quad in the simulation. KP: we need the center and angle of the Q1
    • att 10. KP: not sure what the flange is at the entrance of the quad. we need to go talk to Al about this.
  2. Vacuum enclosure design: Tyler Haplog3300
    • ref: 3291 and above show that the acceptance is being cut
    • TK: added a vertical cut at the collimator plane vertically in x; steps of 1mm from -262 to -272
    • TK: the septum entrance is at .33 m KP: where is the exit? TK: have to look it up and will send it over
    • TK: with the maximum cut it will definitely clear the vacuum chamber we saw last week
    • KK: the CREX plots look fuzzier. TK: not sure what the reason for that is
    • TK: drtot … total error in the neutron radius. KP: looks like fractional error, but the CREX result looks too precise. KK: is this just the stat error? TK: not sure
    • KK: this looks like an acceptable change
    • KP: these shapes have cuts for the shims in the septum
  3. Other business:
    • CP: we need to get organized and have more manpower to collect as much data as possible. For new people write up can be found on Haplog3299. KK: Kent and I should meet to discuss what kind of data we need and what we can learn from it. That way we can figure out what we need and not burn out people getting data that we won't look at after. KP: agreed. for now taking data 24/7 may not be that useful since we don't have an online production and analysis going on automatically for each day.


Paul S, Ciprian G, Kent P, Mark P, Tyler K, Dustin M, Seamus R, Caryn P, KK, Guido,


R Michaels