PREX/CREX Monday, Oct 24, 2016 3:00pm EDT

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Logistic information

 BlueJeans calling instructions:
 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 International toll number:         408-740-7256
 PARTICIPANT CODE:                  345647893#
 JLab meeting room: "CC L207"


  1. Hall C laser - Caryn PitaScanSlides
    • CP: att 2: slope looks much better with the latest measurement (not sure what created the problem in the first place)
    • CP: currently 600 ppm charge asymmetry with the HC laser
    • CP: without PC 44ppm charge asymmetry both in the injector and hall
  2. BPMS - Caryn slides
    • in the fall: no jumps with twiddle on scope
    • NOW with twiddle small jumps in data are comparable with other channels
    • NOW with real beam: we see large jumps in 4A x and y channels
    • these jumps do not have a helicity correlation (they are as big as 100 um jumps)
    • KP: maybe 4E also has some problems/noise
    • CG: talk to Pete tomorrow
  3. afterpulse theory - Caryn elog
    • CP: the afterpulse they saw in the HA laser could be related to some older results (see elog for description)
  4. HAPLOG 3318 - Kent
    • KP: look at the analog signals and compare
    • CG: look at it with tune beam
    • RM: DVCS wants 100ppm or less. CG: I will talk to Paul and offer our services for this.
  5. Kent: meeting about the Electron detector for the Compton
    • KP: 2 aspects are important here: what will he have in 2018 and what to have for Moller and beyond
    • KP: for 2018 we should use thick Si and hopefully the signal will be good enough. needs manpower. for Moller there is a new detector design
    • PS: for PREX the energy is too low? KP: for PREX the distance between 6mm Compton edge, 3mm 0 crossing. for CREX 12 and 6
    • RM: pull detector out and work on test stand at JLab? KP: yes during tritium running getting it to work. (in principle straight forward).
    • KP: manpower: part of Alex is part time on this and Josh has recently had a baby, more people needed (maybe new PREX grad student, maybe Stony Brook)


Juliette M, Caryn P, Kent P, Paul S, Tao Y, Tyler K, Dustin M, KK, Bob M, Silviu C, Seamus R, Guido U, Sanghwa P, Ciprian G