PREX/CREX Monday, Sep 12, 2016 3:00pm EDT

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Logistic information

 BlueJeans calling instructions:
 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 International toll number:         408-740-7256
 PARTICIPANT CODE:                  345647893#
 JLab meeting room: "CC L207"


  1. Kent: PREX design doc
    • met with Rolf and Thia to move the design fwd (good mtg). They appreciate/agree with the 5 degree plan for CREX and it seems like the only viable option right now.
    • plan is to get a more detailed costing and timetable from engineering as soon as they obtain the design doc (and they get back from INTP). They requested changes so they know more about what kind of compromises can be made. This will be hard to do since we are not sure what is going to be hard to design until we do that.
    • by wed i’ll send around a new doc and everyone should look at what the absolute req I state and let me know if they any any comments.
    • the target group has LiHydrate and they will press it to make a target which we can try to put it into the beam. This will be a press powder target. My concern is that the H will be released because of local heating. SR: you cannot have the Al dominating the peak, will have to dig up a calculation (Haplog3246), but mm think Al walls would be a problem. KP: guess the tgt should be about 200 um.
    • BM: when are we running? KP: there is a bit of political sensitivity because the lab has to clear summer running with DOE. They are thinking summer/fall 2018. Cannot run in 2019 because SBS is there and DOE will push for it. So it’s either summer 2018 or bust. They want us to be ready for installation at the start of 2018 (meaning no long lead time items and we have to be careful because we are spending money from 2 fiscal budgets).
    • BM: the main uncertainty is the target? KP: not necessarily a problem/uncertainty, everyone believes it can be done. Hopefully it will happen in early spring. KK: we should clearly make a good effort to make the target as cheap as possible without experimental compromise, but it sounds like the lab will try to work with that. KP: will continue to work on improving the target design and draw up a document.
    • KK: when is the next ERR? KP: will approach this subject once we have a cost. KK: once we fix the target we are done since the septum is below g2p running. KP: no deep work needs to be done besides this. Activation for example has not be calculated and we need that for the ERR, but no lingering problem from the previous ERR permit.
    • JM: we should plan offline what needs to be continued here at UofM.
  2. KK: new student trip to JLab and Fall 2016 run plan
    • KK: Tao (student) would make a trip when taking data. When should we schedule that? Can we get him involved with looking at root trees and average over many 100s of windows to help the PVDIS proposal? (beam stability differences over a minute) KP: sounds good but should involve Caryn and Chip.
    • KP: we need to have a run plan for this fall; we need to know the DVCS plan and all what we need to request for the LiHydrate target. CG: will look into getting the run plan and will initiate the conversation with SR and KP about the requirements for the tgt.
    • DM: coordinating with RadCon to be there from Sep 28 (Wed) until Oct 2 (Sun) to change out some PMTs for the SAMs. CG: as soon as I find out more will let you know.
    • KK: sounds like it would be good to have Tao over twice; and then work remotely? CP: it would be useful so he learns how to take data remotely. KP: will also have a new student (Amali) help with that.
  3. Kent: Injector studies
    • KP: can we get into the injector tunnel before running? CG: if we have a clear plan (with a timeline) of what we want to do I give it good odds in the last 10 days of Sep.
    • CP: when can we get a RHWP/ translation scan with the injector going? CG: since we only use the 500 keV region it should be possible to happen even this week;will find out more tomorrow the Bteam meeting and let you know.
    • KP: talk to Yves and Reza about other studies they might want to do with our DAQ and a tuned laser. CG: will do.
    • KP: we should try to request a chopper study (for the asymmetry along the bunch). CG: will write up an ATLis for it. KP: the only req should be that we need to go through the chopper (maybe FC1 is sufficient?!).
  4. Kent: Online monitor
    • KP: what does it take to get the onlMon back online? CG: should not be too much work but someone has to: recover code, debug it so it recompiles. BM: casting between types and so on would most likely be a problem. Mark D would be a great resource for postPan.


Tyler K, Ciprian G, Kent P, Dustin M, Bob M, Seamus R, Rakitha B, KK, Guido U, Juliette M, Caryn P