PREX/CREX Thursday, January 30, 2014 10:00am EDT

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Link to the Meeting page PREX/CREX Teleconferences
Last meeting: PREX/CREX Thursday, January 23, 2014 10:00am EDT

The teleconference info is as follows:
       Phone #: 1-866-740-1260
       Code: 6931422


Updates from Rakitha

  • Full Simulation for Radiation in the Hall : Preliminary elog-2933

Rakitha, Dustin, Paul, Guido, Lorenzo, Nickie, Seamus and Kent


  • Summarized the last week meeting with Engineering (Met Alan and Robin)
    • Robin will perform an estimate on cooling requirement for the proposed collimator (PT4) and by around end of February they will be able to perform full thermal and mechanical simulation for our collimator.
  • There is very little space (about 10 cm) in either side of the septum pipe to add additional magnetic shielding for the septum pipe.
    • Another possibility is to use iron for scattering chmaber attachment that should provide an additional shielding but this creates polarized iron electron scattering. An issue for parity experiments.
  • Magnetic field map implementation
    • Have to implement the parametrization in the code (it may be already coded and Rakitha and Lorenzo are looking into this)
    • Then we have to compare the earlier magnetic field map with new code
    • Then do an analysis to see the fringe field effect on background and how to minimize it using magnetic shielding

  • Plastic Shielding
    • We need to know about heat deposited into the plastic (Get power deposit by particle type as well.)
    • Then ways to conduct this heat out of the plastic by means of metal contacts
    • Put the plastic shielding inside the vacuum chamber and do a simulation
  • Effect of thermal neutrons
    • Thermals could activate tungsten, Iron and stainless steel. What kind of study we have to do to see if there is any real danger from thermals?

  • Possible time for a PAC review? Around August
    • We have to get the plastic design and magnetic shielding work upto date by end of February (realistic??) to talk with Hall A engineers


  • From Last Meeting
    • Beam parasitic studies

TO DO Lists

  • Have a optic calibration run plan (disussed in 01/16/2014 meeting)
  • It would be nice to have real-time viewer for optics studies in commissioning (disussed in 01/16/2014 meeting)

TO DO Lists link: PREX, CREX