PREX/CREX Thursday, May 16, 2012 9:00am EST

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  1. Update from Rakitha
  2. Update from Bob/Kent
  3. When to meet about CREX presentations


  1. Update from Rakitha
    1. participated in meeting with engineers
    2. getting all the permissions squared away
    3. More next week
      1. reproduce output plots (will contact Juliette)
      2. collimator studies (highest priority)
      3. shielding studies (on hold for now)
  2. Update from engineering meeting
    1. Bob, Kent, Mark met with Al Gavalya
    2. collimator is the big concern (Rakitha sims)
      1. How big the "block" needs to be
      2. How big the bore needs to be/shape
      3. depends on scattering chamber attachment size, shape and material?
    3. scattering chamber attachment SS or Al?
      1. metal o-rings okay with Al? Kent will talk to Roger, Paul Brindza
      2. if we need SS - then we need a FLUKA study of activation is SS (how?) (see haplog 2876)
  3. When to meet about CREX presentations
    1. Users Group - no special meeting
    2. Hall A - no special meeting
    3. PAC - meet Monday, June 10, 10am EST (NOTE: special day and time!)
  4. Upcoming Thursday meeting times
    1. May 23rd - updates from Rakitha, should we have a new meeting time?
    2. May 30th - Juliette and Paul traveling - no meeting
    3. June 6th - regular meeting - agenda TBD
    4. June 13th - Hall A meeting - no meeting
    5. June 20th - MOLLER collaboration meeting? and PAC week - no meeting?
    6. June 27th - regular meeting - agenda TBD
    7. July 4th - Independence Day - no meeting

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