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Getting Started

You should have your own versions of japan and prex-prompt set up inside a folder named prompt. To do this, follow the instructions for Setting up Postpan and Setting up japan. The rest of this page assumes that you have followed these instructions exactly.

Prompt for those in a hurry

To run prompt while you are on shift:

cd ../prompt/
./ RunNum

Or, if you are really in a hurry and you only want to look at a segment of the data and get a quick regression (to verify restoration of beam or detector calibrations, etc.) you can run the "quick" prompt:

cd ../prompt/
./ RunNum MiniRunNum

This quick prompt will take the same run number argument, but also takes a minirun number argument.

  • If -1 it will analyze the full run, but if >= 0 then it will do minirun N, where 0 is the first 72k events, 1 is the second 72k events, etc.
  • So you can get an idea for each set of 72k events - 10 minutes of data, and in probably less than 10 minutes time.

The quick_prompt will make a small single pass output rootfile and run postpan regression on it and then make a truncated set of plots in the FastPlots folder, and it will display those plots on the screen for you when it is done. Use this sparingly as it will unnecessarily take up disk space, and should not be done instead of regular prompt (always do regular prompt).

Setting up for analysis

Create some directories

  1. Create a japanOutput directory in /aonl2/work1/my_dir
    • No longer will you be using pre-existing japan rootfiles, like for postpan! This directory will store all the new japan output files you are going to make.

More symbolic links

  1. Go into your prex-prompt folder
  2. Create symbolic links pointing to the following places in your japan directory. Make sure the link and the folder have the same name.
    1. Analysis
    2. Parity
    3. qwparity
  3. Delete your symbolic link for japanOutput, and replace it with
    1. ln -s /aonl2/work1/<my_directory>/japanOutput japanOutput

Running prompt

  • To run prompt-analysis
  1. Go to the prex-prompt directory
  2. PROCEED WITH CAUTION Source your reset_env_japan.csh file
    • If you skip this step, you will overwrite the main japan files!!!!! </source>
  3. Run prompt: ./ <run_number>
  • Making summary plots for single run
./ <run_number>
  • For list of runs, make a list of runs in a file and do,
./ <runlist_filename>

This will analyse and plot the run number that you gave. Your plots will be saved in "SummaryPlots" folder and text file will be saved at "SummaryText" folder. The root file will be saved in "japanOutput" folder.

  • script uploads plots and text summary to the webpage. So be mindful

when pushing this button.

== Where is the output? ==