Setting up japan

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  1. Login to the apar account on aonl1: ssh apar@aonl1
  2. Create a directory for output file storage
    • Making your own folder is important, otherwise whatever you change in your directory will be changed in main prex-prompt.
    • Right now, aonl2 has space.
    • mkdir /aonl2/work1/my_directory/japanOutput
  3. Create a directory for the code
    1. Go to your own personal apar directory. If you don't have one, make one.
      • e.g. if your directory name is my_directory, then cd ~/my_directory
    2. Make a new folder inside your directory
      • mkdir prompt
  4. Clone the code from github
  5. Set the environment to use ROOT version 6
    • Create a file called reset_env_japan.csh in the new prex-prompt folder. Copy and paste the following code into it:
setenv PATH `echo $PATH | sed 's/:/\n/g' | grep -v "4.34.36" |grep -v ROOT | awk 'NR==1{printf"%s",$1}; NR>1{printf":%s",$1}'`
setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH `echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH | sed 's/:/\n/g' | grep -v "5.34.36" | grep -v ROOT | awk 'NR==1{printf"%s",$1}; NR>1{printf":%s",$1}'`
setenv ROOTSYS /adaqfs/apps/ROOT/6.14-04 <\code>
setenv PATH "${ROOTSYS}/bin:${PATH}"
setenv QW_DATA      /adaq1/data1/apar
setenv QW_ROOTFILES /aonl2/work1/my_directory/japanOutput

Finally, build and make:

mkdir build
cd build
source ../reset_env_japan.csh
cmake ../