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Main Task List

Contact: Kent Paschke

Manpower: Kent Paschke, Adam Zec, Victoria Owen, Ciprian Gal

Radiation Benchmarking

  • ERR recommendation
  • Contact Dave Hamlette, Javier Gomez to discuss metrics for benchmark
  • Tritium simulation geomtry, develop and benchmark. (Zec) <<March 28>>

Base design, v3 Benchmarks.

<<Complete by March 16>>

  • Need new benchmarks (accounting for updated geometry (dump, HRS) and SAMS
    • for PREX-I, HAPPEX-II, PREX-2, CREX (and others?)
    • on HRS detectors, under HRS detectors, Hall Lid or Hall Wall total ("whole hall"), and Hall Lid skyshine estimates
  • prex2-v3:
    • prex-2 dump, with shield
    • no SAMS, or alternative SAMs?
  • crex2-v3:
    • (same with 48Ca target and 2.1 GeV)
  • prex1-"v1.9"
    • PREX-I collimator
    • PREX-I chamber? (not as important)
    • PREX-I dump (with KW correction)
    • no HDPE, no SkyshineShield
    • Full size HRS det and structure, match prex2
  • HAPPEX-II - v1.9
    • HAPPEX-II collimator (same as PREX-I?)
    • PREX-I dump (with KW correction)
    • 3.2 GeV, 20cm LH2
    • PREX-I chamber (not as important)
    • no HDPE, no SkyshineShield
    • Full size HRS det and strucutre, match prex2 sim
  • PV-DIS?
  • HAPPEX-3?
  • TRITIUM (11 GeV)?

Geometry, Next iteration.

<<Complete by April 6>>.

  • realistic gaps around dump shield
  • target chamber
  • collimator chamber to match design
  • HDPE around target to match design
  • modified SAM design?

Magnetic Shielding

  • Evaluate B-field in Q1 beampipe with only one Q1 energized (Zec) <<April 1>>
  • Evaluate the Tritium-Magnetic-shield design (Zec) << April 8>>
  • Evaluate mag shield additions for upstream/downstream septum beampipe (Zec)

O-Ring damage

  • Log results of 1/2 thickness ring vs. 1/2 of full ring volume
  • resolve question of half-ring vs full ring
  • Plots:
    • E-weighted, electron only plots from beamline det an o-ring det
    • tables to arrive at integrated grays
    • hall-lid det x0/y0 plot to show enhancement from full SAMS
  • get info on O-ring from engineering. (material, lifetime expectations, also when did this appear?)
  • Full base design (Feb18), but w/o dump shield
    • Use Al around O-ring
      • No SAMS
      • PREX-I SAMS
    • test 1/2 size O-ring (PREX) (PREX-I SAMS)
      • Done, but dumb results. Compare 1/2 size O-ring with 1/2 of full size O-ring.
    • test no material around O-ring (PREX) (PREX-I SAMS)
    • CREX
      • No SAMS
      • PREX-I SAMS
    • check beam-offset run
  • Results for alternative SAM configs
  • Final estimate use full base design (Feb18), including dump shield (contingent on final design)
    • PREX-2
    • CREX

SAM redesign (Cameron Clarke)

  • calculate rates vs angle
  • calculate doses vs angles
  • get details on beer can, make default design including welding
  • Attempt final design
  • Propose/Exam alternative SBMs

Activation Estimation

  • HDPE activation.
  • Off-angle activation
  • Install magnetic fields in FLUKA
  • Downstream septum beampipe flange, contact dose (DONE)
  • Downstream septum beampipe flange, whole body dose (DONE)
  • CREX activation estimates (DONE)

HDPE parameters

  • Identify suitable borated HDPE material (price, density)
  • Total / peak radiation dose. Damage? (DONE)
  • spec non-flamable HDPE, or devise fireproofing (DONE - selected to enclose HDPE in Al box)

Thermal Neutrons:

  • Log PREX-I results (zec)
  • calculate thermal neutrons at Compton polarimeter (zec)
  • count thermal/near thermal (<1eV rate), assume 8MeV / n energy release, compare to E&M power (DONE)
  • plot sources of thermal neutrons in hall, using hall-lid and HRS-platform detectors (DONE)
  • consider effect of 5% boron (DONE)

Polarimeter doses

  • Evaluate dose and neutron rates (both thermal and above) at Moller and Compton locations
    • Moller target holder uses o-ring (evaluate dose)