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Main Task List

Contact: Kent Paschke

Manpower: Kent Paschke, Dave Gaskell, Sanghwa Park, Don Jones

Moller Polarimeter

Moller Polarimeter Wiki

Moller Polarimeter ELog

1 GeV Optics (Gaskell, Sangwha)

  1. Scan around current solution using G4 simulation

Simulation for acceptance evaluation

  • Generator: slides presented 180329 by Dave G
    • elastic ee
    • Multiple scattering / Brem (external)
    • internal Brem?
    • Levchuk
  • Include Solenoid field
  • Benchmark to 5 GeV results
  • Benchmark to G3 simulation results
  • Test new optics for 1.05 GeV, 2.1 GeV
    • cut at collimator, verify no other intersections for ee elastic
      • use larger beampipe, verify slightly larger collimator passes everywhere?
      • map collimator to COM angles, widen slightly and show they reach the collimator?
    • Look at A_{ZZ} (and rates?) sensitivity to:
      • magnet mis-tune
      • magnet mis-alignment
      • solenoid field
      • beam position
      • beam angle
      • Levchuk
    • Predict singles and coincidence (ee) rates
      • including detector segmentation
  • Magnetic Field
    • determine realistic fields with realistic iron configuration (interacting magnets?)

Target system installation

Plan to establish high-precision Moller polarimetry (ERR recommendation)

Compton Polarimeter

Laser Maintenance and improvement (Dave, Cip, Amali) summer 2018

Photon Detector (Juan-Carlos)

DAQ (Franklin, Michaels)

Main Compton photon detector DAQ

  1. Recover DAQ signals (check that all cables from DVCS run are still there - or recover) and add further needed DAQ signals
    • Check helicity signal noise
  2. Recover Analyzer and back up on github.
    • Automate analysis
      • Create online analyzer
  3. Learn Compton simulation and produce meaningful results
  4. Investigate what happened to the flash ADC rework (was it sent to STRUCK?!)
  5. Support PMT linearity studies (if done @JLab)

Scalar DAQ

Plan to establish high-precision Compton polarimetry (ERR recommendation)

e- detector