WAC Notes April 20 2021

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Date and time: April 20, 2021, 11am
Bluejeans ID: 564945377
Meeting link: https://bluejeans.com/564945377
Runlist spreadsheet

April 20th 2021

Respin 2 is going

  • Looks good so far
  • Fixed an issue with bmod slopes (had the wrong sign for correction)

March 30th 2021

  • BCM and BPM Pedestals get a once over: http://ace.phys.virginia.edu/HAPPEX/4507
  • Ifarm prompt-install is set up for respin2 (almost finished - still need to pull crex-respin2-alpha and recompile JAPAN).
  • Run lists updated - still need to cross check with python sql database interacting scripts
  • Other items from before are all addressed (?)

New RCDB/runlist updates

  • Cameron has added the label "Good" to a bunch of worthwhile calibration and pedestal runs that need to be kept around for the future (listed at the bottom)
  • Cameron has changed some runs to improve our coverage of nearly-production conditions and remove "Test" from our set of respin2 runs
    • Change 5907 Test NeedCut to Production Suspicious (it is a slow target burn in run on Ca48 at low current).
    • Change 6115 from Test Suspicious to Production Suspicious
    • Change 6525 from Test Good to Production Bad (as there is some fatal blinder/target move issue and the run is very short and has messed up FFB/coil7 response)
    • Change 8367, 8388, and 8389 from Test Good to Junk Suspicious (Carbon beam off-ramp ups)
    • Change 6038-6043 from Test Good to Junk Good (DAQ testing runs)
  • Cameron and Weibin triple checked 2 C++ scripts and a python script, after cleaning up the rcdb a bit more and utilize the following cut:
run_flag = NeedCut,Suspicious,Good, run_type = Calibration,Pedestal,Parityscan,Production and not cut on target
    • This yields 1583 total runs, including some that are "Home" target (pedestal scans, etc.)
    • 1404 are CREX Production (so 179 are Calibration, Pedestal and Parityscan) with 56 runs being AT only
    • 1392 are CREX Production Good
    • Python version /u/group/halla/parity/software/japan_offline/prompt/prex-prompt/WAC/auto_run_list/crex-respin2/CREX-All-run-list.list
    • C++ version /u/group/halla/parity/software/japan_offline/prompt/prex-prompt/prex-runlist/crex-respin2/all_nonJunk.list

March 23rd and before

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