WAC Notes August 11 2020

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August 11 2020

Daily Meeting BlueJeans

Production Run List - Slug 186 - IHWP OUT - Flip-RIGHT - Production/Recommissioning

  • Good - Run 7627 - Has a brief bpm12X excursion, 1mm. Otherwise good looking 120 uA run. Aq feedback was off for a portion, but it still looks good anyway - as good as later data in this slug (noisy BPMs come in later and make the rest of the slug a mess)
  • Good - Run 7628 - noisy beam positions due to FFB issues. One brief excursion in BPM 12X
  • Good - Run 7629 - Large Y BPM motion (nearly 2mm) but right on the boundary of too much. Seems OK
  • Good - Run 7630 - Brief moments of 12X excursion, acceptable I think. Two main BCMs disagree somewhat.
  • Good - Run 7631 - more large BPM Y motion and some 12X small noise, but all looks good
  • Good - Run 7632 - looks good. Same bad BPM Y noise
  • Good - Run 7634 - looks as good as the rest of the slug
  • Good - Run 7635 - looks as good as the rest of the slug

Non-Production Runs and Bad Runs

  • Suspicious - Run 7626 - Initial production run after target burn-off, while commissioning BMOD and no Aq feedback
  • Junk - Run 7633 - Carbon 1%, FFB work for a bit


  • FFB issues abound, giving unstable positions and very broad BPM Y yield and diff noise
  • Initial runs have bad FFB, Aq, and BMOD, but are probably salvageable


  • Detectors are in exactly the same spots and conditions as in March
  • Pedestals need to be obtained in a few days and these runs reprompted
  • CREX bullseye scan is taken, with Tune Beam - https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3824600