WAC Notes August 13 2019

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August 13 2019

Daily Meeting BlueJeans

Production Run List - Slug 43 Out

Production Run List - Slug 44 In

Non-Production Runs and Bad Runs

Pedestal/Calibrations Updates

Retroactively changed the AT cuts from run 3867-> to allow for AT regression without nuance or annoyance in postpan.


  • RQ1 tripped at 4073-4077.
  • RHRS DAQ power fluctuation killed VME RAM during morning access. Fixed by replacing nvram battery.
  • Prompt got really slow over night.
  • ATs postpan cuts got turned off at the end of slug 42, so reanalyzing with japan cuts from slug 26 onward is necessary (until postpan is fixed properly).
  • CODA, Panguin, and Analysis minder died a number of times - possibly due to overworked NFS disk, but also maybe site wide networking issues.
  • Fixing NFS server is possible, under guidance of Ole.
  • Need to respin slugs 43 and 44 for summary plots and aggregator
  • Networking issues killed IOCs, and bug in EPICs reading killed alarm handler. Bug worked around (hopefully) and works again - this glitch caused missed HRS magnet trip for two hours.
  • LHRS HV control RPI fixed

Other Status Updates