WAC Notes March 16 2021

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Date and time: March 16, 2021, 11am
Bluejeans ID: 564945377
Meeting link: https://bluejeans.com/564945377
Runlist spreadsheet

March 16th 2021

  • Beam off pedestals (for PMT devices) - needs another pass - HAPLOG
    • Seems like a good idea to use bcm_dg_us.hw_sum_raw/num_samples < -150 or so (spot check 20 runs across CREX)
    • Also look at 1D histogram of BCMs
  • Commit remaining map/cut updates from giant spreadsheet work
  • Update pedestal maps with beam off pedestals, and double check values are all appropriate (Amali, Robert, Cameron)
    • Duplicate usl peds: prex_maindet_pedestal.8453-8506.map, prex_maindet_pedestal.8526-8549.map
  • Update RCDB info
  • Consider adding bmod slope map files for respin2
  • Aim for Friday afternoon initial respin2 test slugs (need to make sure folders and disk usage are all in line too)
  • Getting slug lists and such polished can happen after the respin is underway

March 9th 2021

Preparing for respin2 - mid March - 1 week from now

  • Runlist finalization
    • Finish up runlist checking here
    • Aq issues and BPM 12X cut ranges
    • Github up to date
    • Apply RCDB updates
    • We need a standard set of cuts and procedure for getting slug lists, which can be deliberated after respin2 begins
  • Pedestal updates
    • Use beam off for non-RF systems (does AT data need to have changed pedestals? At least double check them all)
    • Verify segmentation and values for RF systems
    • Refer to beam off pedestals for guidance on applicability ranges
    • Double check PITA scans from respin1 data and BPM calibrations separately
  • Aq shift - solved
  • Questions on AT data-set (similar to Aq issue)
  • Run 8321 config file for file splits?
  • Add combos to mulc and regression for main detector + AT combos (usl_atl1_dd, etc.)
  • Include SAMs and ATs in BMOD calculations going forward

March 2nd 2021

Preparing for respin2

  • Pedestals/new beam trip cut/Aq interrelation question
    • Aq post-trip studies: http://ace.phys.virginia.edu/HAPPEX/4483
      • Things look good when comparing the different time slices post-trip recovery - more plots are needed to determine how well the non-feedback data post-trip explains the shift in Aq from prompt to respin1 data set.
    • Pedestal comparisons for AT: http://ace.phys.virginia.edu/HAPPEX/4482
      • Changing from prompt (wrong) to respin1 (relative to bcm calibrated) pedestals changed the mean asyms by an expected ~3% per target, EXCEPT for Pb208, which changed by ~15%. This needs further investigation to understand why Pb pedestal change affected the asyms so much.

February 23rd 2021

Prior day's notes can be found here


Cameron, Victoria, Paul King, Allison Zec, Juliette, Weibin, Ryan, Devi, Kent