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Date and time: November 5, 2020, 11:00am
Bluejeans ID: 454783784
Meeting link: https://bluejeans.com/454783784
Runlist spreadsheet


Now that PREX II is done and DNP is over we can finish polishing the CREX dataset.

Tasks needed

We were nearly ready for a respin of the first part of CREX, so we may not need to put much effort on the earlier runs. All of the following needs to be done for slugs 186 onward (beginning at run 7627, see WAC Notes August 11 2020)

Task list from the September 25th meeting here:

  1. Finalize run lists
    1. Recheck the WAC notes, slug plots, and rcdb for consistent identification of runs
    2. Verify all needed cuts are applied appropriately
      • Perhaps especially look at the cuts on the 12X shifts; continue to do this with tuned upper/lower cuts or add stability or burp tuning?
  2. Burp cuts: During prompt analysis, we had made a hard-coded change to the burp cut settings around August 23rd. We should revisit the necessity, and make sure we can set up the burp cut setting with run-ranged map files.
  3. Dealing with runs in which slow controls settings change partway through the run.
    • 7402 had the IHWP change mid way through, and the latter portion of the run was just cut away. Which portion of the run is the "good part"?
    • A few other runs have had special map files added to select slices with specific target/IHWP states. This is somewhat clumsy, and it may be better to see if we can have the initial EPICS decoding respect the CODA-event-cut ranges
    • Can we scan the data set for other cases? Likely the easiest way is to look for events with blinding failures and understand what caused them
  4. Recheck pedestal analyses and appropriate ranges
    1. Update the list of calibration runs
  5. Analog BCMs had slow drifts, and had some instantaneous jumps
    1. https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3845576
    2. Can define an_us-an_ds and put a burp cut on that
  6. Decide upon dither correction sets and define the "blessed" correction slopes
    1. Check BMOD inclusion viability in full cuts (c.f. PREX II BMOD coil noise)
    2. These can wait until respin 2 if needed
  7. Verify we have all detector/monitor combinations defined in the analysis that we want to monitor

CREX Run Period 2 details:

  • 929 new runs
  • 37 new slugs
  • More chaotic beam conditions (no FFB, etc.)
  • BMOD changed tune a few times (period 1 had no noteworthy variations)

More analyses to consider simultaneously, or later:

  • BCM combos analyses (similar to PREX II)?
  • BPM Detectors with Tao's combo + lagrange analysis


  • Everyone will look at their runs: starting here - https://prex.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/WAC_Notes_CREX#Week_1-2_-_Cameron_Clarke, annotate your suggestions in the meeting notes for November 12
  • Weibin will look at stability cuts map files
  • Robert and Paul will follow up on burp cuts
  • There are special cuts that need to be verified, including runs 6852, 7860, 8321, 8507
  • Cameron and Amali will look at new pedestals
  • Systematically check for blinder failures (someone may have already done this for PREX II data - who?)
  • Keep track of pedestal runs, files, and existing applied pedestals (Robert's script) and pedestal map files (grep)
  • Fill out monitor events and calibrations spreadsheet with Caryn: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mt39fCuIW3Pr8TO7fzhtFjmMFt4Op30jMm5wMQke6Xo/edit#gid=0
  • Analog US-DS event level bcm combo with ~0.5% burp cut, others? Possibly analogs vs. digitals too. Someone can hunt specific events to cut for BCMs.
  • Verify that PREX II respins combos and monitors is commensurate with CREX list, and runranges
  • Ask Caryn and Devika about BCM and BPM resolution studies
  • Ask Tao about Lagrange and BPM eigenvector analysis for respins
  • Let's make changes into crex-respin1 branch
  • Cameron will save changes from the end of CREX running to Operations