WAC Notes October 9 2019

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October 9th 2019

Daily Meeting BlueJeans


We want to look at all of the data and figure out what changes need to be done to get ready for respin (ideally by the end of October)

Issues Done

Collaboration Meeting

We had a collaboration meeting this weekend, we made several updates and decisions

Issues Pending

Planned Updates


  • Devi has made log entries on this:
    • We should look at all of the calibration runs/condition changes and make sure that the pedestals calculated accurately reflect the conditions during that time
    • We should make sure that all pedestal changes are well motivated and no calibration runs were neglected
    • We should make sure that early runs aren't missing pedestals that may currently have later run ranges (Due to late application)

BCM normalizer, systematic control, etc.

  • Cameron has reproduced Catherine's BCM systematics vs. normalizer/Aq BCM, but now with DDs in it too - this lives in a parallel folder to the main slug plots (called PQB)
  • Victoria and W&M students are running with this and making diagnostics about systematic control on Aq
  • Devaki has revisited up-to-date JAPAN operations map files, made summary list of normalizing BCM in run list and compared conclusion from different sources. http://ace.phys.virginia.edu/HAPPEX/3915

Including Dithering as Production Data

  • Victoria will use cuts to investigate how it looks to include the dithering data (that was cut before) as production data

Slug perfection

  • Everyone should look through at least their slugs and address any suspicious runs or runs needing additional cuts
  • Don't be afraid to make the change directly if it is safe, and be sure to commit to the operations branch
  • If there is something that needs more attention (especially slug / run reassignment) please bring it up either by email to the WAC group or to the next WAC meeting


Cameron, Paul, Robert, Victoria, Ryan, Devi, Tao, Weibin, Adam, Kent