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Assume no meeting on Oct 2, but maybe have a meeting before the Sunday collaboration meeting to outline slides to present

September 25 2019

Daily Meeting BlueJeans


We want to look at all of the data and figure out what changes need to be done to get ready for respin (ideally by the end of October)

Issues Done

Slug 7 update (Done)

  • Prior slug 6 was ~50 uA also
  • Slug 7 is basically a parity scan
  • Goal is to take the tail of "slug 7" as it was originally taken and make it part of slug 6
    • Take 3444-3446 as IN, slug 7
    • Take 3447-3452 and put them in OUT slug 6 (because slug 8 is basically left arm only... hard to merge in otherwise)
    • Cameron has done this on PVDB and in the runlists

Short Runs

  • Victoria has uncovered some un-prompted very short runs while Cameron and Caryn were doing DAQ BCM tests
    • Leaving those un-prompted and unassigned is ok

Issues Pending

  • Slug 7 needs to be changed to correctly reflect IHWP setting
  • Dithering sensitivity changes/other kinds of changes should not be considered as slug changes

Slug 0 Inclusion

  • Slug 0 was marked as suspicious at the time
    • Sakib will lead the charge on this

Slugs 1-3 Inclusion

  • Because of different BPM DAQ inclusion we haven't been using these slugs in our aggregation
  • An aggregator hack can be done or we can just have the plots be empty
    • Depends on aggregator code cleanup/paradigm update

Devi's Slug 12-18 slugs inclusion

  • Devi has included data from some of his slugs into the lists that were previously not there (will show up in respin)
  • Run 3608 and another has cut issues - fully saturated BPM 11 - counted as good, but only 300 good patterns
  • Run 3649 - new bad event cut to clean it up
  • Run 3666 - quad trip at end of run already cut out, but a trip recovery BPM excursion needs to be cut out as well
  • Run 3681 - positions are moving around a lot due to some FFB problems - deserves segmentation of run perhaps? Probably the tail of this needs to get cut out

Victoria's slugs

  • Run 3753 - has a crazy beam movement in the second half, but the first half is fine, needs cuts
  • The following two runs also need cuts on strange BPM stuff happening in here
  • Run 3775 - "Aq feedback off" maybe kills entire run

Single/Both arm slugs ???

  • Slug 43 has 4 runs with only one arm
  • Slug 74 has several runs with only one arm

To resolve these:

  • Could make the aggregation scripts check the arm variable in order to make plots correctly
  • Should do add + 100 for right only, + 200 for left only

Lets add BMOD Active Data back into our "good" data cut

  • We need to identify exactly what the JAPAN decoding -> BMOD-on flagging mechanism is, and maybe pass off this flag to another place
  • We need to verify that this is OK with plots and stuff
    • Original data set
    • Only BMOD on data set
    • Both together data set
    • If anything crazy happens then this needs further investigation
  • This requires amending the error flag cuts everywhere to show BMOD in the "good" data
  • BMOD extractor for dithering analysis is well on its way

Planned Updates


  • We should look at all of the calibration runs/condition changes and make sure that the pedestals calculated accurately reflect the conditions during that time
  • We should make sure that all pedestal changes are well motivated and no calibration runs were neglected
  • We should make sure that early runs aren't missing pedestals that may currently have later run ranges (Due to late application)

BCM normalizer, systematic control, etc.

  • Cameron will reproduce Catherine's BCM systematics vs. normalizer/Aq BCM, but now with DDs in it too

Including Dithering as Production Data

  • Victoria will use cuts to investigate how it looks to include the dithering data (that was cut before) as production data

Slug perfection

  • Everyone should look through at least their slugs and address any suspicious runs or runs needing additional cuts
  • Don't be afraid to make the change directly if it is safe, and be sure to commit to the operations branch
  • If there is something that needs more attention (especially slug / run reassignment) please bring it up either by email to the WAC group or to the next WAC meeting


Cameron, Paul, Robert, Victoria, Ryan, Devi, Tao, Weibin