WAC Re-prompt Device Additions

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WAC Re-prompt Device Additions


Add list of devices here

Blessed/combined devices per slug: placeholders and Japan nomenclature transparent names for whatever needs to be analyzed at the time

  • Upstream detector (ignoring R or L HRS down)
  • Normalizing BCM
  • Energy BPM

We may want to try to propagate diff_bpm0L01 into the slug summary plots. We may end up doing feedback on it. If we do that, we'll need RTPAPOSUCNT and RTPAPOSUCNT epics variables in the root file. We'll need to have online plots of diff_bpm0l01X,Y. And we will need to propagate diff_bpm0l01X and Y through the analysis chain to get it to the slug summary. This is preemptive. We may not wind up feeding back on this, but I have a feeling we should start preparing to do this sooner rather than later.


  • bcm avg and dd error
    • asym_bcm_dg_us_bcm_an_us_agg_avg (and dd) : entry occurs THREE times, but definitions are different.
    • need to change the entry name for one of the occurrences to asym_bcm_dg_ds_asym_bcm_an_us_avg (and dd) and the other to asym_bcm_dg_us_asym_bcm_an_ds_avg (and dd)
    • around (line 81,82) and lines (88,89,90,91)